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2015,our company has been steadily growing
Expanding into the Japanese market


2016,we unleashed unprecedented strength
Deepening our roots in the Japanese market


2017,Soaring through 2017
Exploring the European and American markets


2018,Diving deep into Japan, winning in Europe and America
Enhanced warehouse capabilities
Successful launch and operation of a new brand in the outdoor sports category


2019,Together, we worked hard, dreamed big, and set sail
 Relocation of China/Japan Warehouses
Enhancement of ERP Management System


2020,Stay true, keep moving forward
Our office has moved


2021,Stay fit, achieve more
We've kicked off our independent website project in Japan
Exciting news – our new brand for small home appliances is now live and running smoothly


2022,Grateful for you, let's create brilliance together
Our 2000-square-meter warehouse has moved
Venturing into the Southeast Asian market


2023,challenge yourself, surpass the infinite
We've received our work kickoff red envelopes


2024,let's go all out and make the future together
 Launching our own online store for Europe and America